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Joe does drone, but Jimmy does not. Janet has a camera, but not a Video rig. Joe crashes his drone, and Jimmy bought one yesterday. Confused Yet? Our system remembers what capabilities your service providers have, and lets you assign jobs accordingly.
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Assign Service Providers To Jobs By Task
Stop Duplicating Invoices

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With 99% of all other systems, you can only assign one service provider to an invoice which means that if you have to send multiple service providers to a job, you have to re-create the invoice multiple times. As you can expect, this can prove to be confusing for you, clients, and accounting systems. JobMatePRO assigns jobs at the task level which means you can have multiple service providers on the same invoice performing different tasks.

Create Tasks On Service / Inventory Items

When setting up your inventory / service items in JobMatePRO, you can set up as many "Tasks" as you need. Let's say you set up a "ECO Shoot (1000 - 2400)". Let's say that there are three things that need to happen for that line item to be completed. The Photography..... The Editing.... & The Inspection. You can create three tasks for the inventory item and those tasks will automatically be attached to that line item when you add it to an invoice.

This means that you no longer have to duplicate an invoice just to send more than one service provider to the job.

Tasks Added To Invoice When Line Item Added

Now, you go and build an invoice with the "ECO Shoot (1000 - 2400)" as one of the line items. The system will automatically add the three tasks for that line item. Any and/or all line items added to an invoice can have their own tasks associated with them. This is especially helpful where multiple line items are added to the invoice.

1.) Drone Photography
2.) "ECO Shoot (1000 - 2400)"
4.) Matterport Photography

Send Jimmy to do the drone photography, and Jonathan to do the ECO Shoot, and Janet to do the Matterport Photography. JobMatePRO allows you to individually schedule each task with the right person, and keeps it all on one invoice!

Schedule Tasks In Powerful System

Once the line items have been added to the invoice, the individual tasks become available for scheduling in our powerful and easy to use scheduling system. Each task can be individually scheduled with any service provider. This powerful feature is one of the defining characteristics of the JobMatePRO system. This capability is core to how the system operates, and the power you have at your fingertips.

Very soon, you will have the ability to search for new service providers in the JobMatePRO system. Set up an interview, and assign them to your jobs! This is all part of the community that we are building at JobMatePRO!.

Five Ways Managing Service Provider Capabilities Helps A Small Business

Small businesses that rely on service providers to offer their products and services to customers need to ensure that these service providers are capable of meeting their needs. A business management system that can manage service provider capabilities and certifications is essential in ensuring that small businesses work with reliable and competent service providers. Such a system can track and maintain records of service providers' qualifications, ensuring that only competent providers are engaged.

Implementing a business management system that manages service provider capabilities and certifications can improve the quality of service delivery, which is critical in building customer loyalty. With such a system, small businesses can quickly identify service providers who consistently provide high-quality services, leading to better customer satisfaction and increased sales. This can help businesses gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Small businesses often operate in a highly regulated environment where compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and legal consequences. By managing service provider certifications, small businesses can ensure that all their service providers comply with regulatory requirements. This can help small businesses avoid legal problems, fines, and reputational damage.

A business management system that manages service provider capabilities and certifications can help small businesses save time and resources. Such a system can automate the process of identifying and selecting service providers based on their qualifications, making it easier for small businesses to find reliable and competent service providers. This can free up valuable time and resources that can be directed towards growing the business.

In conclusion, implementing a business management system that manages service provider capabilities and certifications is critical for small businesses that rely on service providers. It can help businesses improve the quality of service delivery, comply with regulatory requirements, save time and resources, and gain a competitive edge. Therefore, small businesses should consider investing in such a system to achieve their growth objectives.

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